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Perfectly Imperfect Mannequin Wall Art

The fourth in my mannequin wall art series ”Femme Unique” is “Perfectly Imperfect”.   “Perfectly Imperfect” was inspired by Wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy to coax beauty out of unexpected places, from a broken vessel to upended plans and unexpected setbacks.  The art of Kintsugi practices this philosophy by taking something broken and repair the cracks with gold. “Perfectly Imperfect” is a reminder there is great beauty in broken things because scars tell a story of fortitude, wisdom, and resilience earned through the passage of time.  Rather than hiding our imperfections we should accept our “flaws” and celebrate and accept them.  


This piece hangs directly on the wall or can stand up on a flat surface. It measures 15"w and 22.5" h and is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Perfectly Imperfect Mannequin Wall Art


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