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Dragon Lady

"Dragon Lady" by Angela Swanson hangs directly on the wall or can stand up on a flat surface. It is primarily spray painted. and measures 15"w and 22.5" h. It is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, bringing feminine strength and power to any room. 

Every mannequin wall art piece in the "Femme Unique" series celebrates the inner power and diverse beauty of women—by using a mannequin form, I aim to celebrate the beauty of every woman, not just one individual.

"Dragon Lady" is decorated in a sleek red and black. Completely spray painted, the mannequin's surface has a subtle scaly texture to it, and a face is painted on the belly of the figure. Everything about this mannequin says, "there's more to me than meets your eye."  I hope to bring to mind the power and elegance all women innately have.

Dragon Lady


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